Pricing Table

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Service Sedans Mid-sized Trucks and SUV’s Full Sized Trucks and SUV’s
Quarter Carat Package $24.95 $34.95 $39.95
Half Carat Package $59.95 $74.95 $99.95
Full Carat Package $179.95 $219.95 $249.95
Two Carat Package $299.95 $349.95 $399.95

Pricing is subject to change. The prices listed above are estimates that are subject to change based on the current condition of the vehicle when presented to Platinum Detail. Some examples of conditions that would require additional labor hours to correct would be tree sap or pitch, road tar, mud, oil, excessive pet hair, and heavily stained interiors. A price quotation will be presented and agreed to by the customer before any work is started. Quotes by telephone are provided as a courtesy; visual inspection of vehicle is required to provide a firm estimate. Packages can be adjusted to suit your specific needs; we can add or remove items on request. Adding or removing services will impact pricing, so talk to us about your vehicle and we’ll come up with a package that is right for you.

Discounts are available for multi-car and fleets as well as customer referrals… please ask us!